About: Geano



I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for bringing us Geano. He came to us clearly well cared for and in good spirits especially considering how stressful the long trip must have been.


The care and consideration that you and your team gave to each dog was obvious.

What you are doing for these dogs is immeasurable.

Thank you thank you thank you.


Geano - With his Forever Family.

-Rescued by: Labs4Rescue

Fostered by me.

Pulled From a Muskingum Co., Ohio Shelter

Transported 8/2007


To All,

 "...and we lived happily every after" would be fitting to describe our recent experience with the labs4rescue organization.


We can not say "thank you" enough to each of you for your genuine kindness in helping us to provide a home for a lab.  Missy #10...now Miss Faith arrived two weeks ago and has become a part of our family from the moment we met her!!  This thank you is also extended to the fosters and contacts I was in touch with regarding inquiries into potential adoptees.  This includes April, Anne, Keri, Deb and Betsy. 

In addition, thank you to Greg ,( RescueRoadTrips ) our transporter, who as complete strangers cried with me when Missy arrived on October 13th.  (PLEASE, IF ANY ONE OF YOU HAS THEIR EMAIL ADDRESS WOULD YOU BE KIND ENOUGH TO FORWARD THIS...THANK YOU!!)


Each and everyone of you is so amazing in our eyes and we deeply appreciate all that you said and did to make this happen.  Missy is more than we could ask for.  She is perfect for us and in just more than two weeks has brought so many smiles to our home.


May you all be blessed for all you do just as these animals have been blessed to find homes because of you!!!


From the bottom of our hearts,

Rick, Diane, Rose, Ricky and Miss Faith 


About: Wilber 4/08


I just wanted to say a quick thank you for all you do... You brought me the best gift of all...The gift of my little Wilber. My best friend and companion. He is doing really well. There was pretty much no adjustment period with him and my other dogs. He is just a joy. If not for people like you, wonderful dogs like Wilber may have met much different fates...I cannot say enough about you and your crew! The dedication and empathy it takes to do this is incredible. Not many people in this world have hearts like yours....I admire you, and sincerely thank you from the bottom of mine. Here are a few pics...



About Hailey

April, 08

I just got a camera, and I am not a photographer but here we go....

Charlie is sitting next to Hailey while she eats a bone on there

bed.  They have got in 4 different fights but nothing serious,

just lovers quarlels.  He loves her and is already learning alot

from her. 

I think he might be mixed with a Nova Scocia Tolling Retriever

and Assie or Border Collie, what do you think?

Hailey  is happy and already fully adjusted to our new life

together.  We are all so happy, thank you to everyone who

made this possible!!!! 

I could not have done it without you all! 

Thanks. Nova


About Alexander


This may be a little presumptuous, but after reading throughout your website I can’t help but have instant respect for you & your crew! We’ll be awaiting the arrival of our new family member (“Alexander” from Louisiana) a week from tomorrow 02/23.  I’m  looking to saying thank you for all the families you bring together.  See you in CT!



Mark, Donna & Caleb


Hi Greg,

I just wanted to say what a wonderful person I think you are for doing what you do.  Without your fantastic care Mr. Wiggles would not have been able to come to live with us in his new forever home.  We think you are the hero!

I have attached a few pictures of him and his new brother Mr. Wendel, they bonded right away the first night and have been constant companions since the first night we brought Mr. Wiggles home.  Mr. Wiggles is the best and we all love him to pieces!

Thanks again, we are forever grateful!

Cindy and Jim


About Zoe April /08

Hi Greg and to all the wonderful people at RescueRoadTrips,

you are truly an amazing group of wonderful caring people.

Thank you for bringing Zoe safely to our family. We were so

excited and nervous on our trip to pick her up, but so relieved

when we saw her get out of the van with you. You could see

she had been very well taken care of, she was happy and full

of excitement herself. When we left with her she still had a

3and 1/2 hour trip to her 4ever home and she was so well

behaved the rest of the way. We can't thank all the great

people from Labs4Rescue, for helping us adopt Zoe, and for

you and your wonderful staff for bringing her to us safely

and so well taken care of...enough, there are sufficient words. Anyway she's adjusted so well and we love her and all of you.

Here is a pic of her sweet face, shortly after we picked her up,

she's such a happy girl, and has been in such good hands.

God bless all of you for the wonderful work you do.

The Hess Family, NY


About Papa Bear

April, 08

The Stork delivers Papa Bear Reilly in Danbury Ct Part 1 the top picture, a number of "expectant" families wait in the "delivery" area for the Rescue Road Trips' "Stork Vehicles". (Yes, that is our van where Larry tied the "It's a Boy" and "Welcome Home" balloons).

In the middle picture, Holly from Rescue road Trips safely delivers Reilly in to awaiting arms. Holly said that she wished the team in New Orleans who rescue and care for these dogs could see the happy results she gets to see on every rescue delivery trip.

Larry & Maureen


Hello Greg and all the wonderful people at Rescue Road Trips,

First I wanted to tell you that you guys do such a wonderful thing transporting all those dogs every week. You are all angels in my book. Second I wanted to say thanks for bringing us our awesome puppy. We adopted Brooks (who we have since named Guinness) in April and we got her from you guys on April 26, 2008. She is doing very well here in her new home. She is a very good puppy. Getting very big. Guinness has become friends with another rescue dog you transported named Gracie. They love each other lots. I attached some pictures of Guinness for you to see how she is growing and so you can see that she is very happy here. Hope that makes what you all do even better knowing that these dogs enrich all our lives. Thanks again. God bless you all.

Sincerely Guinness’ new family,

Chet, Leigh and Madeleine


Hi Greg

My name is Laura Babin. I picked up my baby June 14th in Windham. I just want to say THANK YOU so much. I love her. Greg, you thanked me for rescuing Tessie, the thanks go to ALL of you & to places like Lafayette Animal Aid & people like April Reeves. You are the Heroes!!! I've been telling everyone I know about you all. You're all Wonderful, kind and exceptional people, Bless you all. Love & Thanks, Laura

Kia March 8th....

could you please send us the photo from the website of our pick up with Kia (now bailey) on March 8th...I have also included other shots for you to see of bailey and her sister whiskey (purebred black lab)...she's having the best time here and we love her!  thanks again for everything you do, that's a long trek every week and I imagine it could get difficult, but knowing that your pets go on to live much happier lives, I'm sure is reason enough.



Andrea and Ed


Hi there amazing people!!!


We just wanted to send a quick email and let you know that we have just enjoyed the most amazing afternoon with the sweetest dog ever.  Rufus is settling very quickly.  He is a gentle soul and just wants to be a lap dog (to all of us.... he doesn't know that he is 68 lbs.)


We picked up Rufus from Transport at 3:15 and sat with him there for a short bit.  Then we brought him home for a quick bath (not his favorite... water will have to be taught), which he tolerated well.  He then learned to play ball (obviously not natural), starting learning some more commands (he obviously knew sit) and we took him for a walk.  He met a neighbor dog on his walk.  We brought him back and he gave gentle kisses to one of our cats (the other smacked him in the face for no reason, just showing him who was boss I guess). 


We had to teach him to walk up the stairs for story time with his sisters( human ones), getting down was even more scary to him.  He is now sitting with me and just wants to sit in my lap and follow us around. 


He is awesome and I can not thank you ALL for all that you do for him.  Without you, he would not make it.  Please know that he has found his forever family and we are sooooo thrilled to have him.  He is All we could have asked for and so much more.  I will tell everyone to do the same, there is no need to loose a life of an amazing dog. 


Sheila, thank you for helping this all happen and so quickly.  Your dedication is amazing.  Without you we would not have found him so quickly.  Thank you for notifying us when his prior adoption fell through.  We are so happry that you picked us.  We won't let you down.  Rufus owes you all such a huge thank you, at Labs4Rescue, as you all work tirelessly to bring families and amazing doggies together.  A big Thank you. 


Ivana and Simon, thank you for opening up your home to him and caring so wonderfully for him in foster.  You are amazing in what you do.  I know you usually foster the goldens, but it is obvious that you love what you do.  You opened your home and your young family to him, taught him gentleness and showed him love.  Thank you so much for your videos as well.  Without them, we would not have fell in love with him before we got him.  You sealed the deal for this family.  You are amazing and have saved a life. 


Greg-  Thank you so much for all you do.  You obviously love your job.  You dedicate days on end to save these dogs.  You show them compassion and caring through your travel and introduction to a new world.  Please know that he will be forever well cared for.  He is home.  You are amazing.


Donna- Thank you so much for offering and scheduling to pick up Rufus.  We really thought we were going to have to spend tonight and tomorrow night without him and I greatly appreciate you opening up your home to him.  I am sorry you did not meet him in the end.  You would have loved him.  He is amazing and the sweetest, gentle boy.  But we are so thrilled that we could greet him off transport.


Maura- Thank you so much for volunteering to do the home visit for us and doing it so early in the morning, so we could go pick him up.  He is awesome and you allowed us the time to go pick him up.  You also gave us some really great advise.  Thank you so much.  Your dedication is obvious as well. 


This has been the most amazing experience.  I will email you all in the next few weeks with a picture of the boy all adjusted, but for now, he appears very happy and comfortable with his new family (even his feline ones) and we look forward to spending the rest of his life with him. 


Thank you again.

 Jacey, Tim, Carsen, and Rowan


Hi Greg,


Hal and I adopted Hero, now Murphy, from Looziana Basset/Labs4Rescue. We picked him up last August in Rocky Hill CT and have since adopted another dog and have began fostering. Thank you for bringing our beautiful boy to us!


Liz and Hal


Hi Greg

Just wanted to say thanks again for transporting my Lab safe and happy to me today in Putnam CT. We are getting to know Shane--who has been renamed Coal. He is very sweet, loves to play and as you all know, cannot get enough fetch!! Please send me the pictures from the trip and today. Again, Shane, a black lab from Putnam CT pick up on 6/28/2008. Thanks and I hope the rest of your travels were safe and successful. You all do wonderful work.



Hi Greg

Thanks for delivering us Shane (now named Coal) safe and happy on Saturday, June 28 in Putnam CT. He is doing very well and has found his spot in the family (see attached pic). It is really like he has been with us for years. Please send us the pictures from your trip of him, we would love to see some more of his journey to us. Thanks again, Tracy


We have been very busy over the last few days.  I just wanted to thank

you again for all your help in adopting Owen.  My daughter is absolutely in heaven.  He gets along great with our sheltie and doesn't bother the cats (they keep their distance).  The transportation service did a fantastic job; he was in great shape and didn't even have an accident on the way home. He has slept through the night the last two nights and has not had an accident in his crate.  He is going on plenty of walks every day and gets lots of exercise in our yard.  My daughter had to wake him up yesterday morning!

I'll send you a photo from time to time. He is a wonderful addition to

our family!

Sincerely, Kevin



I just wanted to give the you the update on Sebastian.  He spent a fun night here with my doggies (see pic) and then we got him to his new parents on Sunday.  I could see why you guys were attached to him.  What an awesome dog.  He was so well behaved and just a big handsome sweetheart.  He fit right into the pack and made himself at home. Jumping right into bed...all 95 pounds of him.  LOL.  


His new folks were very nice and seemed like a good match up for him.  He warmed up to them right away. The wife is retired so she'll have lots of time to spend.  The husband seemed like a genuinely nice guy too.  I'm sure he'll love his new home. 


I could see you guys took such good care of him on his commute here.  Keep up the great work!  :)


Thanks, Elisa



Hi Greg,


What you do with Rescue Roadtrips is such an amazing thing!  Thank you for your dedication to saving animals.  The world would be a much better place if more people were like you and your volunteers.


We are picking up our puppy, Peanut, from you on Saturday in Putnam (we’re SO excited).  I have some donations (collars/treats/toys/blankets/towels) and wanted to make sure that it would be okay to bring them then to send down to April Reeves and her group. If this is a problem, please let me know. Otherwise, I look forward to meeting you and Peanut on Saturday.


Thanks and best regards, Amy


We just noticed our picture is up on the Rescue Road Trips website. We picked up our black lab, Boston, in Putnam, Connecticut, on May 17th. We'd love to have that picture if you still have it available.

Also - thanks so much to you and Greg for bringing Boston to us. We waited a long time to get him, and couldn't wait to see your van pull into that parking lot. In just the month we've had Boston, he has grown so much (both in pounds and personality!).

Thanks again for everything you do for these dogs.

Caitlin & Chris

Warwick, Rhode Island


In late October 2007, rescue dog transporters, Greg, delivered to my husband Larry and I -- our pride and joy  --  a very sweet 4-year old chocolate labbie/Chesapeak Bay Retriever named "Serbus". and Greg's two vans pulled into the Danbury, Connecticut store parking lot.  The location was a very reasonable drive from our home (less than an hour).  All the other people, adults and children, gathered there were anticipating seeing their pups and dogs.  There was such a sense of excitement in the air.  We knew our dogs and pups were arriving to us in a very well-cared for manner.  Holly and Greg were just wonderful to work with.  They lovingly matched up dogs with their awaiting humans to go to their "forever homes"!  When they gingerly fetched out our pooch and gave us some valuable instructions, we were treated to having our pictures taken.  What a memorable keepsake when we received e-mailed photos a couple weeks later.  We'll never forget that awesome day when our dream dog arrived with his wonderful caretaker, Greg, making our adoption of a rescue dog great from the start!  Thank Greg for  making our experience extremely positive.  We would definitely adopt another rescue dog in the future and use you both as transporters/caretakers again!  All our best,  -Vesna & Larry




I’m not sure if it was his silly double name or his smiling prancing picture that caught my eye first, but I just knew in my heart we would be together.  It has been 2 months since Cyrus McCormick (Cy for short) came into my life. I still tear-up thinking back to the day I picked Cyrus up and the van driver gave him a big hug and told him she loved him. Then she said to me, “Thank you for saving a life”. But I am the one that has been truly blessed. From the minute my alarm goes off he is at the bedside with a big grin, butt wagging ready for whatever the day brings. And each morning I wake with a smile, telling him I could learn a lot from his exuberant outlook on each new day ;-)!


Cyrus has adjusted easily to his new surroundings and life.  I smile everyday as he prances to the car, waiting for the door to be opened to the day’s new adventures. It is heartwarming to know that he just wants to go with me, not knowing whether we are headed for a hike, the beach or a day at the office.  I love the company on my long drives to work, and he loves the scenery, squirrel spotting, the smells out the window, and all the attention (and treats) throughout the day.  I am such a proud mom and welcome the many compliments on his beautiful brown eyes and sweet demeanor. Of course, I can take little credit for his incredibly good behavior –these frequent compliments give me the opportunity to credit Labs4rescue for saving him. 


People are amazed that I adopted Cyrus off the internet. But I felt so confident and sure from his first pictures and bio on the website. And my confidence and love grew through my many conversations with his coordinator Laura, and his foster mom, Kitty.  I am so impressed with and thankful to all the labs4rescue volunteers that I communicated with throughout the process.  I am especially thankful to Laura and Kitty for their informative and touching emails about Cyrus and for all the love they gave to my boy while he was in their care.


As Cyrus waits patiently under my feet, I must get going. We are off to the beach to swim, fetch and chase seagulls with his new friend Bailey. As always, I will smile as Cyrus prances to the car, having no idea the fun day he is about to have!




Cyrus & Kara


Good Morning Greg & Company,

I just wanted to thank you for bringing Emmie (now Olive) up north. She was amazingly calm and secure when we meet her on Saturday. She is now the little sister to a 90lbs labradoodle!!

You guys really are amazing advocates for dogs. I wish you many happy and safe trips, and I will be sure to spread the word about southern adoption!!

I hope you enjoyed the cookies!!

Thanks a million!!! Joann


Hi guys,

I just wanted to let you know how Dorothy is making out.


She was having a lot of trouble with her hips the first couple of days. We gave her dog aspirin for a few days. We took her for walks down to the beach where I put her on a 30 ft leash, she headed directly into the water for a swim. When we get home we rinse off the salt water in a small inflatable pool that we got her, she stands still and loves the attention. We have taken her a few times now and she loves it! The exercise is doing her hips well. Max (our other dog) is starting to accept her now- I think they bonded over chasing squirrels over our fence:-)


She loves to gather her tennis balls and toys in one place and then sits in the middle of them.


I am so happy my husband and I took off a few days with them. We just hung around outside and took them for walks etc.....She is such a lovable delight. All she wants to do is give and get loving.......she thinks every person and dog is her friend. She is making herself right at home. She has been sleeping on the dog beds but last night she climbed onto the sofa and layed next to me and decided to stay there for the night curled up with the cushions. We have been taking pictures so we will send some once they are developed.


When I get her medical records I will take her to our vet to have her hips looked at and to meet her. Do you remember when you mailed them?


We feel so happy and blessed that she is now in our family and we know she feels the same way.


Thank you much! Dianne


About: Gracie

               Transported 10/07

Hi Greg,

You transported my dog back in september for Labs4rescue.  I did not know about your web site until today.  My best friend is adopting and picking up from you this saturday 4/26/08 a lab mix puppy from Mutts4Rescue this week -Brooks - from Louisiana.  She told me about your web site.  I got my dog from the foster family in Vermont back in october of 2007.  Her name is Gracie, she is a black lab mix.  Well, when i looked at your web site today, there is a picture of Gracie being picked up by a volunteer back on September 29th!  I was so excited to see it! I don't know much about her past but, she is an exceptionally wonderful dog.  So, i just thought I would email you to say a big thank you for the wonderful work that you and all your staff do.  What a unique and great service you provide.  You are such life savers, you must feel good about what you do.  I know that i feel good about adopting a dog so you much feel a million times as good for getting all these many dogs to their adoptive families.  Well, thanks for all you do.  You all do God's work helping animals.  You are all angels.  I have attached some pics of Gracie.  She has a great life in Connecticut!  I live across from the ocean and Gracie has started swimming.  She goes boating, hiking, to the beach etc.

Cheers to all!  You are GREAT!!!! 

Sincerely Keri and Gracie


Hi All. Joop has arrived safely and we spent the day today getting to know each other. He is the sweetest mush, kisses for eveyone he has met.

We met Greg and the transport in Danbury CT at 10:30. Greg had 42 dogs in two vans, WOW!. Nancy, the boys and I spent a few minutes seeing his operation, we were very impressed by his dedication to the mission of saving dogs.

Speaking of dedication Barb, Laura, Rebecca and Ann you are all heros. You give your time, resourses, energy and love to these dogs so that they can find forever homes. I commend you all.


Jupiter has landed in a good spot. We left the transport and went to a park in Danbury. We took a log walk, Lilah went for a swim, Joop was contented being outdoors on a cool day streching his legs. He is easy going and mellow, a very laid back dude.


I took them out for a second walk, in my local wooded park late this afternoon and met up with some of my regular dog buddies. Everyone loved the Joopster. Lilah spent most of the day trying to get a rise out of Jupiter, she plays hard in that rambunctous Lab fashion. Joop would buy into it about half the time. Lilah is passed out at my feet as I write this, she is pooped. A tired dog is a good dog as the saying goes.


I've attached a bunch of pictures from today.


Thank you all again.

Keep up the good work.



Mike, Stamford  Ct.



Transporting Weekly

Thank You so much! Without you and your patience many, many dogs (and a few cats) would be homeless & lost! We really appreciate all your work! Hugs -

Janine  /Humane Society Central Louisiana


About: Kiki,

Transported 10/13/07

She is such a little LOVE! My God! She was a little freaked

out at first, but within five minutes of being in the car, she

was practically in my coat with me. We've done some good

bonding this weekend and I think we are going to be a very

happy family. I have taken about a million pictures and will

forward you some tomorrow.

I want to thank you so much from the bottom of my heart

for being so responsive through this whole process.

From the beginning, every single part of working with you

and your group has been great. The Rescue Road Trips

people were also amazing. There should be a special place

in heaven for all of you! -Anathea


Bethhany, Debra, and Greg,


Thank you all very much for the special roles you played in Petey's life and the lives of all the wonderful dogs you save. You are a testament to the goodness that exists in the world -- and, frankly, so is he.


We often remark on how loving he is, despite (and possibly because) of all he experienced in his young life. We definitely have *lots* of pictures that I'd be happy to share (just need to figure out the digital camera). Literally from the night he came home with us, he's been an incredible cuddle bug, craving physical contact with us and the other dogs. We have tons of pictures of him curled up in our laps like a little toddler. He'll often climb up next to me when I'm working on the laptop, and I keep giving him more space until *he* is the laptop and the computer is barely balanced on the side of a knee. At night, he sleeps curled up on my husband's side, with Petey's muzzle tucked into the crook of my husband's arm.


Of course, he had moments of uncertainty when he was first here, but his fear reactions have vanished almost entirely. His personality shines through all the more. Debra and Greg, for the record, while Petey is physically adorable, it was his personality that was the deciding factor that really won us over. He's smart as a whip and very curious. He's still in that puppy exploring phase -- lots of fiestas with toilet paper and he *loves* to chew fabric. He even ripped through a seat belt on the five-minute ride to Petsmart. Yet, he doesn't do it maliciously and for the most part is highly responsive to even very gentle correction -- I hardly ever need to use the word "no" and he's become gentle and able to wait even when taking steak bits from my fingers!


We'll send pictures as we're able -- the only thing they won't show is how silky soft his fur has become. It's no longer coarse at all. Yet, it remains very thin -- and I convinced my husband that Petey would be be our first and only dog to get a parka, which I bought just in case we have a bad winter. Of course, he'll probably chew holes in it, but he is getting better. :-)


Anyway, I don't mean to take up too much of your time. but I hope you get the sense that we're head over heels for Petey. Thanks very much for your sweet comments about our kids. I suppose you're right that they say a lot about our family, but we've been fortunate with them, too. I wasn't sure how they'd do, but they really seem to get the need for consistency with Petey, and have been pretty good at being firm when they really need to -- no biting! But mostly, they're more than happy to make room on the couch for him any time. He also features prominently in our creative endeavors. Our younger daughter made a sculpure of him in art class, and we've made up at least five songs in tribute that we sing daily. (We're a very dog-centric family.)


I'm not sure exactly how to describe the process of coming to belong to a dog, but we're his, and we feel truly blessed to have him in our lives. Thank you very much for bringing him to us, and for all the lives you save.


We'll send another update with photos as soon as I get the camera and computer to talk. Meanwhile, thanks again for all your work on behalf of rescue dogs. They are the absolute best -- and so are you!!!


Thanks again,



Hi Keri, Hopefully you got my message! Feel free to call me anytime tonight I should be up till atleast 10:30pm. I have to admit Cherokee is really and amazing dog. She is such a good puppy and quite feisty as she pretty much kicks the butt of our 76 pound lab (haha). I assumed she's be cute a cuddly but never imagined she'd fit so well in such a short amount of time.

Anyways it would be fantastic if a family was found for her.... if not ( I can't believe I'm saying this) but we've actually considering possibly keeping her. So I guess what I'm asking is (should she not yet be adopted) whats the process if we did decide to keep her?

On a side note... I will continue to foster regardless :) I was just blown away with the kindness and generosity of everyone yesterday at the transport spot it truly is such a remarkable thing you all do!

About: Catfish -All 115 lbs of him!!!

.......................I love the pictures - Thank you so much for taking care of my baby!


Beth B


Thank You for helping Kayla reach her new home. Very much appreciated!

Tracy - Louisiana Boxer Rescue


Greg -

Thank You for transporting my dogs for me. It’s very helpful that you can drop off near the R.I. border. What you do is Great!

Chey  ---Double Dog Rescue


.............Another highlight was meeting the transport- and seeing some labs off to their new families- Greg is always so great to meet- he is so gentle, calm and organized.  I really enjoy greeting his transports when I have the chance.


Thanks to all for the great work today!



Greg, you have no idea how much you are appreciated.  I come from the old days.  I cannot tell you the nightmares we endured until you came on board.  Bless you and I will never feel I have done enough to thank you.  Take care.




About: Denise

Transported 10/07

........I am SO happy Greg is the transporter, he is awesome.  ........ - Donna

Dear Greg,

Just a note to tell you what a fabulous job you and your crew do.  Unlike the old days, I never worry when I put dogs on your transport.  You are extremely caring and gentle.  You are also very conscientious and I always know that you will do your best for the dogs in your care.  I am sure that I speak for all of the rescuers down here when I tell you that we couldn't do what we do without you.  We would all be forced to come to a grinding halt and thousands of dogs would die as a result if you didn't have Rescue Road Trips.  Thanks from the bottom of my heart for being such a great person and for being such a devoted animal lover.


Leslie A. Wallace

Looziana Basset Rescue, Inc.


Hi Greg,


While we were waiting for Betsy, our new Beagle mix, to arrive from Louisiana I decided to read about you on your web site. While I find the website is accurate it does you no justice. You are a Angel sent from God. Upon reading the many stories on you site I cried, with sadness for the ones lost and with happiness for the ones who got their "Forever Homes". The joy you bring into people's lives is unbelievable. The anticipation was almost unbearable.


The day had finally come. My husband, my two little kids and I waited in the parking lot. We could not believe all the other families waiting there for you. My eyes welled up as I saw you finally drive in the parking lot in Windham NH. It was amazing. People were cheering and getting emotional. So happy to see their Angel driving his big white van, with his beautiful dog on his lap. When you opened the doors of the van the magnitude of what you do hit me. It was beyond anything I had expected. We frantically searched for our little Betsy. Then there she was. My heart melted. She was perfect.


Before we left you took our family picture and thanked us. There are no amount of words that could even express our gratitude toward you and your company. Thank you just does not seem like enough. You are an amazing human being. There is a special place in this world, and beyond for you. I have told literally every person I know about you, Rescue Road Trips and the organization we adopted Betsy from. You all are wonderful people. Thank you a million times over for what you do.


Sincerely, The Cormier Family



   As always, THANK YOU for taking such good care of our rescued dogs on this last transport up North. From our SGRR volunteer Denise in Nanuet/Spring Valley who picked up that gorgeous black flat coat retriever to the volunteer in Danbury with Zach (whom I saw in a photograph and was even told you picked up and actually kissed when his adopter retrieved him), and Lizzie the lab with her wonderful forever family, to MILO in Rocky Hill and then my namesake, BRINKLEY, formerly known as FRANKLIN who you so lovingly delivered to the happiest family ever in Windham, NH -- could you tell with the car soap and signs just how excited they were about their new charge??-- My heart swells with gratitude for your tender compassion.

    EVERY SINGLE PERSON YOU CAME IN CONTACT WITH -- FROM OUR VOLUNTEERS AT EVERY STOP TO EACH AND EVERY ONE OF OUR ADOPTERS  -- COMMENTED ABOUT HOW ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL YOU AND YOUR GIRLFRIEND WERE WITH THE DOGS!  I know I've told and texted you before, but you need hear it often and WILL from me: THANK YOU FOR MAKING A DIFFERENCE TO ALL THESE RESCUED ANIMALS AND ALSO TO THEIR FAMILIES. That you express your gratitude to each of these people for helping save these deserving dogs speaks volumes. RESCUE AND DOGS/PEOPLE everywhere benefit from all that you and your crew do time and time again to alleviate the needless suffering, and I am grateful beyond belief for you. Heartfelt appreciation to you all!



J & L Golden Rescue

Sunshine Golden Retriever Rescue


Hi Greg,


We just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you so much for Lexie's safe arrival! You and your crew are terrific - I can see why Jamie & Elizabeth chose your organization to transport their little ones to forever homes like ours...

 Attached are the photos we took this afternoon when Lexie greeted us.


Thank you so much!




Dear Greg,

We wanted to let you know that Cypress is home safe and sound.  I was very overwhelmed to see so many dogs and families today at the pickup in CT.  You are truly angels for your work with these doggies.  We want to thank you and all of your volunteers/"people" for bringing this little angel into our lives.  He is settled in nicely and is getting along great with our other dog.  They are both quietly sleeping at our feet as I type this.  Thank you again and we wish you many many safe travels with these dogs.  I have attached a couple of pictures for you!



I'm just following through to let you know Cajun arrived last night, right on time. She was in great shape, not really stressed at all. That came later - today, really, as she gets used to things. She had a great night and we believe she will settle right in over time. She did regress housetraining-wise and does not like her crate but we are working on that. So far today, she's had her first swim and three miles of walks — and it's only 1:30! Currently she is napping. 

We are so grateful for the outstanding job labs4rescue does! From its thoroughness in vetting prospective adopters to all the lives saved to that saint, Greg.  :-)


Thanks Greg. I want you to know the last few adopters that picked up from you can't say enough how wonderful you are!! They think what you do is so special and it means so much to them that you bring them their babies safe and sound They know you love each dog you bring home to their forever homes. Just wanted to pass that good word along and thank you myself for making this all possible. Where would we be without you?????!!!

Best, Sue E



I just had to email you and let you know what a relief it was for me to look over your website and see how wonderfully you take care of the dogs.  I had been fostering a dog, Lucy, for 6 months and she is being transported today to her forever home in CT.  Letting her go was traumatic for both of us!  I knew it was the right thing to do, but I was so worried about her being scared and not knowing what was going on and why her mommy wasn't there.  I had lots of questions for Marla, and she told me about your website.  After reading over everything and seeing your pics, I felt much better about leaving Lucy..I knew she was in very good hands.  Thank you for the work that you do, you are truly an Angel!

 Thanks again,

Kathy Smith

mom to Zoe, foster mom to Lucy


Dear Greg, Vet Techs, Walkers and Drivers!

My husband and I want to thank you for the safe delivery of UTE last Saturday. He arrived in great condition.

He is wonderful and a perfect dog for us. We wanted a companion dog, a dog that loved to ride, a big, black male dog and a dog that needed companionship and love.  We got all that and more! We just wanted to thank

you for your huge role in bringing people and dogs together.  At first we were not going to change Ute's name (we liked it) but he was not responding to it. So we have decided on a new name of Beasy.  This is a tribute to his roots ...The big Easy and also to the fact that he is a big easy dog! No matter what his name is WE LOVE HIM!

Thanks again and many safe trips to you all.  

Patti and Frank White


Amazing how Greg was right on time as scheduled. Jim and I had to hold back tears as we saw our girl, Delilah. She slept in the backseat all the way home. We took her for a short walk after drinking almost a full bowlful of water. She wouldn't sleep upstairs with us. We think maybe she was scared, or not used to steps; however, she was just as happy sleeping in her bed at the bottom of the stairs, with her doll, and she stayed there throughout the night. We woke up to a major snowstorm. Delilah was OK walking in the snow.


This morning, she has her first vet visit. We are concerned about getting her on a good diet for her weight control. It looks like she hasn't lost the 'baby fat' and maybe not enough exercise. We'll change that
.  We'll let you know what the vet says. Also going to the town hall to get her registered.


Thank you again for making this happen for us. She's quite a lovable little girl.


Betsy & Jim


Hi Greg, and everyone,

My name is Laura Babin. You brought me my beautiful Dixie on June 14th 2008 (known as Tessie at the time). I just wanted to thank you all again and let you know that she is one HAPPY little girl. I don't know if you can open this 3-4 second video clip of her, but if you can you'll see her doing her Happy Clap. This one goes out to you all. Thank you again and have a very Happy New Year. With love and Blessings to all, Laura


Hey Greg,

Just was looking at all the wonderful pick up shots from Dec. 6th, and had to let you know how wonderful you are!! In every picture the dogs are smiling and the families are smiling. You make families Greg!! What you do is so special, and means everything to these pups. And to me! I know I bug you alot on transport, thats just cause I'm a worrier!! I love the way you take care of our furbabies and love them until they make it home to their forever's. Please know how much you mean to all of us who take so much time placing these loves and making sure they are going to good homes. Never stop what you are doing, it means the world to us!! Have a Merry Christmas and I be speaking to you next week!


Susan E.


Dear Greg,

It has only been a week but it feels like Liam was meant for our family. He is already a full member of the family and is blossoming from the scared Lab with his tail between his legs that we picked up on Dec. 6 in Spring Valley NY. I attached some photos so you could enjoy seeing how at home he is  and how loved he is!

I know you must have given him wonderful care on his long, long trip from Texas, because if not he would have been a basket case. He is a sensitive, shy spirit (we knew that already from his rescuer) and came to us very timid (he lived at a boarding hospital for the 2-3 weeks prior to transport, I believe) but every day his personality has emerged more and more and he is one very happy Lab right now. It only took 3 days for his first Labby smile to come and 4 days for his first "happy Labby dance".  He has a large crate in our living room with a soft clean wool blanket to sleep on at night. I sleep next to him on the couch to make him feel more secure. He loves our two rescue cats and often tries to lick them. They tolerate this without running away because I think they sense that he is no  threat to them!

During the day Liam is in my husband's office at his feet while my husband works on a book. In the late afternoons and on weekends he is with me, sitting in the back of the car on two quilts (for warmth) while I run errands, or running with me along the road that goes through a huge field near our house. When hunting season is over tomorrow we can go on long walks in the 100 acres of woods we own. He loves the snow and loves to race to the spot the frisbee disappeared and bury his nose in it looking for the frisbee ! At night he lounges by our feet in front of the woodstove.

I can't thank you enough for your missions of mercy for these magnificent animals. Thank you over and over to you and all your crew. I hope you enjoy these photos and take pleasure in the joy your great work has brought to our family and to Liam!

gratefully, for always!

Robin, Tom and Liam


Dear Greg


Words can't thank you both enough for the work you do.  On Saturday, Dec. 6th you brought us our newest family member, Boomer.   After our beloved Lab of 12 years died we have waited 2 years for just the right dog.  I knew instantly Boomer was the dog for our family and in one short week he has once again completed our family.  As a military family we move every couple of years and my children have never experienced snow.  My husband recently became assigned to Newport, R.I. and during these last couple of months all my children have been asking for is a dog and snow!!  This past weekend we fulfilled both their wishes.  Boomer arrived on Saturday and Sunday morning we awoke to 3 inches of snow.  Thank you both for being apart of such joy.


Please know that we understand the honor it is to be caring for Boomer. 


The Mingo Family


Dear Greg and Crew~


The unusually cold night on the 22nd couldn't break our excitement in meeting our precious Dolly (now Allie).  She has brought much love to our family and I am so glad I was able to provide her with a forever home.  Thank you all so very much for taking such care of her during the long trip up from Alabama.  I also appreciated the calls in r/t coordinating her transport.  Keep up the good work and many, many thanks!  Hope you all got some coffee with the DD gift card!




Amy, Aleksander and Tatiana

Portsmouth, NH

Hi Greg,

Here is our Christmas card picture this year.  Gunther Thomas was rescued by Tom English in Tx.  He is a handsome well behaved boy.  We just love him to bits.  He is an angel with my 3 year old daughter.  He's a big boy who is now up to about 85 pounds from his 70 pounds.  He is healthy and happy.  Thanks again for all you and your staff do.  You are truly an angel.  Have a happy and safe holiday season!




Hi Greg.


My husband and I just wanted to thank you so much for the delivery of our Mason in October 2008.  He was a lovebug right from the time your crew handed him to me out of the transport truck.  He loves his new forever home here in MA after his long trip up from LA.  We have a chihuahua at home already and they've already come to be great friends and playmates.  I never realized there were so many family friendly, well trained, and well tempered dog for adoption around the country!  I'm so glad I searched online for a rescue dog when we were ready to add another dog to our family and will tell everyone I know that rescue is definetely the way to go!


Thanks so much for all that you do and for bringing our adorable Mason to us.


Heather & Scott


To Greg Mahle,

I wanted to formally thank you for bringing Harry into our lives.

I love you for everything you are. I am very proud of you and the hard work you do and the lives you help save!

I love you.