A letter from a Southern Sheltered Dog:: 

Names have been changed to protect the innocent.

Even-though the facts within are tragic, they are true.

 Hi there my name is Fido and I am writing to tell everyone about the life of a dog in a 
Southern High Kill Shelter.  I know if I take 3 days to write this it will not be finished so 
                      I will try to depict my situation the best that I can quickly.  
                       (Although I am luckier than Bingo, he will be euthanized today as he is 
                       an owner surrender, I am a stray so they give me 3 days).    
                       I was born to a good mom. She took great care of me.  One day her family 
                        decided there were too many of us to feed so they starting giving us away.  
                        I ended up with an okay family, but they had to move and could not take me.    
                           They left me with a bit of food, but it only lasted a couple of days.  
                        I became very hungry, so I had to leave my home to search for someone 
            that would give me something.  I had been down on my luck for a week or so trying desperately to get someone to give me some scraps.  All I did though was scare everyone with my skeletal body and disheveled fur. They called Animal Control to come and take me away.  

I was minding my own business and this big truck/van thing pulled up, the driver jumped out and whistled to me.  He seemed nice enough but I could tell he wasn't just going to give me a hand out.   He tried to catch me nicely but I was a bit frightened!  He got this long pole with a choker on the end of it and caught me with it, and into the van I was loaded.  There were many other dogs in there, that were yelling at me to run, but I was too hungry to do anything.   We arrived at what they call the "Shelter".  I was given my own small run and some FOOD!  I was lucky because there were others that were crammed 3 and 4 dogs into one run.   I started listening to the stories of my fellow impoundees and heard the horror stories.  I decided to try and give my best sad puppy eyes to everyone that came through.   

I tried telling the few people that did come through that I was great and I would be loyal and devoted and the only reason I was here was because I wanted some food, They all passed me by for the smaller fluffy type dogs.  

Not many dogs really have a chance; even the tiny breeds and the Pure Breeds of us are euthanized due to overpopulation.  People don't understand the importance of spaying and neutering. I've heard it to many times that humans (some humans) think they are taking something away from us, but that is wrong.  

They are protecting us from being euthanized, becoming a stray, decrease, our chances of being abused, protecting us from certain forms of cancer, and in general just making us happier to be alive!  
Now back to the shelter.  

These are the rules for most of them I gather.   If we are an owner surrender, the shelter has the right to euthanize immediately, though in some cases they do choose to try and give us 3 days to find a home.  If we are a stray, we are given 3 days to be reclaimed before euthanasia (inner city strays, parish strays have a 7 day hold).   At this particular shelter they euthanize us canines and our feline friends twice a week, Mondays and Thursdays.  The adoption percentage is not high at all, but the killing rate is extremely high.  They euthanize 750 to 1000 animals a month at this high kill shelter and there are 2 with in a 10 mile radius.  This, mind you, is not one of the larger cities in the south.  By the way, Bingo is gone as well as my other side kennel mates.  I hear him screaming to be let go and that they are hurting him. He is begging for them to stop. I hear the others crying, and the cats praying as well. 

Now silence. Just the roar of the Incinerator.    

I again am fortunate, I hear.  My shelter will sedate us a bit before euthanizing us. Here at this shelter they use the heart stick method of euthanizing. It sounds painful, and I’m so scared, but from what I'm told its quick. I would prefer this to some of the other methods I've heard about. Some shelters do the heart stick without sedation, that means the animals are squirming around trying to get free while someone is suppose to be trying to get a precise stick!  There are other shelter that use the "gas chamber". This is horrifying, I hear.  Everyone is cramped together in a holding area and the gas is turned on.   Dogs are fighting each other in a crazed moment.  Some of the smaller, weaker dogs and puppies end up shredded and dead by other dogs before the gas has a chance to take affect.   Others use something called a Decompression Chamber. I've heard too many other stories of cruelty and ways to “dispose” of us that I'd rather not have to write, but you can use your imagination.   

Its been hard writing this for you, but I wanted to let future pet owners know what situation us guys down here are in.  It will be too late for me but maybe you can help one of my other canine or feline friends find a way out!  Oh no. NO, I didn't give enough sad eyes.  Its my turn.  Please don't cry for me, just help save one of my friends.  Also I beg you not to go on looks only.  As you can tell, I'm a well-trained friend, I'd have made you a constant companion, I’d have loved you with all my heart, but I'm not "pretty".  Please check out personality as well.  My new kennel mate is Disco, I am leaving him to finish my letter.  They are here, my feeder is sad. I can tell he knows I'm a great boy.  I will go with him, no use in fighting it.... I’m so scared......Here's Disco...

One last look 
at this cruel world

Hi there guys!  My name is Disco, my family surrendered me because I was happy bouncy puppy and they didn't have the time to spend with me as I grew, but they

                 told me I was going to find a Great New Family!  I've been told      

                 they were wrong.....Today is something called "euthanasia day”

                 and although I was just brought in, there is no room for me to      

                 stay, so soon I'll be following Fido. He didn't seem too     

                   thrilled to go where ever he is going, but hopefully he was 

                  getting a great new home. He looked up at the kennel worker with

                   the greatest of sorrows, but wagged his tail.

                   Maybe I can come back and tell you all about it. 

                   Whelp its my turn, see you later guys!


                      Unfortunately Disco did not return,

he was a young fun filled pup and just didn't' know what was going on. 

Please consider rescuing a southern dog, they need our help---

                                     Now silence. Just the roar of the Incinerator.

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