Tails from the Trail

Reported By Kylie - Age 8

There are many important and interesting jobs in this world.  This article will tell you about a man with an unusual, important and interesting job.   His name is Greg Mahle. Two times every month, he travels from Ohio to the deep south and back north to deliver foster and adopted dogs to their families and animal rescue organizations.    Greg began his journey into this business ten years ago in a mini van.  His company has now grown so much that he uses a large truck and trailer to transport the dogs.   Greg said this about driving a big truck "Sometimes it's scary.  Most of the time it is a hard job that makes you tired and wears you out.  Also, sometimes it's boring".

Mr. Mahle loves animals.   This was his inspiration in wanting to find a way to help them.  Mr. Mahle shared that "There is a serious overpopulation of dogs in the south, meaning that millions of good dogs die every year in shelters because they don't have a home.  I may not be able to make a difference to all of them, but for some I can make a difference".

Greg's journey and the dogs' journey start on a Monday.  He prepares his truck for the animals he'll be transporting.  He has food, water and other supplies that the dogs will need as well as he and his coworker.  Mr. Mahle has another driver who travels with him and helps with driving and caring for the dogs.  They leave their homes in Ohio and travel south to many places such as: Louisiana, Alabama, Texas, West Virginia, Mississippi, and Georgia.  Some other places that he's traveled to pick up dogs are: New Orleans, Manhattan, Memphis, Chicago, Boston, Atlanta, Reno and Kansas City.  His typical journey from home, back to home is 4,200 miles. They travel north through places like New Jersey, New York and Connecticut for the dogs' Gotcha Day.  They arrive back in Ohio on Sunday. 

The Rescue Road Trips truck typically brings 80 dogs per trip. That's a lot of tails wagging. The most dogs he's ever transported at one time is 150 dogs.  Rescue Roadtrips usually transports dogs, but has also transported cats, a rabbit and guinea pigs.  Each dog has their own crate to live in, and sleep in on the truck while they are traveling.  Sometimes puppies from the same liter may share a crate so that they can be together.  Rescue Roadtrips brings all kinds of dogs.  Big dogs like Labradors and Great Pyrenees, and small dogs like Chihuahuas or Poodles.  They are all unique and special.


Greg, his co-driver, and groups of volunteers called Angels, help to walk the dogs,  give them water, provide yummy snacks and give each and every dog some love and encouragement as they continue on their trip.  My mom is an Allentown Angel and volunteers when the truck comes through Allentown.  My mom shared that she loves seeing all the puppies and giving them lots of treats and belly rubs.  She loves watching their journey, hearing their stories and seeing them on their "Gotcha Day", when the dogs meet their new families and start their lives together.

Greg and his family have four sweet, funny dogs named: Harry, Murphy, Beans, and Treasure. Harry is a Golden retriever from Ohio. Treasure is a Carolina dog, and she is from Tennessee. Murphy is an Irish Setter and he is from New Orleans. And last but not least… Beans. He is a Golden/Rhodesian mix from Louisiana.

Rescue Roadtrips has saved about 40,000 dogs. That's pretty remarkable.  That's 40,000 dogs who now have a family, and a home.   Mr. Mahle is able to keep in touch with some of the adopted dogs that he has transported.  Many adopters send updates on their new pets through email or facebook posts.  Sometimes he is able to see some of the dogs that he has fostered face to face, when the families bring the dogs to meet him at the transport to visit.

Greg shared that his favorite part of his job is "Being in the trailer with the dogs, and forming a bond and trust with them as we travel to the north".  His least favorite part of his job is: "Even though I love the dogs and I love giving time to the dogs, sometimes I miss my family so much it hurts".

Every dog has their own story and Greg loves them all.  He shared that one of his favorite dogs was dog named Jovie.  Her name was Pixie when she was his foster dog.  Jovie (Pixie) made the trip with Greg three times before she found her forever home.  That's a lot of traveling together.  Greg said,  "From time to time we have a foster that makes the trip with us, they are always the hardest to see go.  But when we stay in touch with the families that adopt them, it makes it easier".  Jovie (Pixie) found her forever home with our family.  She came to us all the way from Louisiana.  She made the trip with Greg three times so that's over 12,000 miles.  I want to thank Greg and Rescue Roadtrips for bringing Jovie into my family's life.  Rescue Roadtrips is an amazing organization that changed the life of our dog and our family. 

•Some of the information for this article was gathered from the Rescue Roadtrip's website and by interview with Greg Mahle. http://www.rescueroadtrips.com/Rescue_Road_Trips.html

•Additional information can be found : https://www.facebook.com/RescueRoadTrips