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A letter from a Southern Sheltered Dog: (Names have been changed to protect the innocent, Sadly, the facts within, are true, correct and accurate)

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Q: Why does the North

      import Southern     


A:#1: Southerners have excellent taste in dogs - they just don’t spay  and neuter or keep them on their property. Some northerners have figured this out and are acquiring first-rate dogs at bargain basement prices.

A: #2: Spay and neuter activism combined with breeder regulation in the North have generated restricted supply and thus high prices for adoptable dogs. The lack of spay/neuter facilities and breeder regulation and the prevalence of warm winters in the South have created excessive supply of adoptable  dogs and thus low prices. Enterprising souls on both sides are making this market work. In doing so they are not only improving the lives of Northern Families but also saving the lives of southern dogs. These are not any dogs mind you, These are High grade, Southern-mannered and styled dogs. Thus the name for this market: “Southern Comfort”.

The drawl is free.

Read all of Fido’s tale HereFidos_Letter.htmlFidos_Letter.htmlshapeimage_20_link_0

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Foster Homes


Can you foster a dog for 2 to 4 weeks??  Fostering is a way of helping a dog off Death Row, and onto its “Forever Family”.  Fostering is a very rewarding and gratifying experience that will create memories to cherish a lifetime, not-to-mention it will help a dog in need of your help. If you can allow a pet into your home for a short period and into your heart forever, please contact one of the Adoption Links to the left or contact me with any questions.